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overhead garage doors Leawood KS

overhead garage doors Leawood KS

Your garage door is one of the most important features of your home but is one that is often taken for granted. Overhead garage doors in Leawood, KS, must work properly to be safe and provide secure closure for your garage and home. You open and close your door thousands of times a year so it needs to be strong and durable.

What Repairs Are Needed for Overhead Doors?

There are many mechanical parts on an overhead door that could break or malfunction including the springs, cables, drum, opener, and rollers. When any of these parts stop working your garage door will not function properly. Your overhead garage doors in Leawood, KS, have parts that will last a long time; however, they will not last forever. The springs are among the most common repairs needed for garage doors. They typically last up to ten years with proper maintenance but sometimes can break well before that time period. It is best to have your garage door checked on a regular basis to ensure that it is working correctly.

What Type of Maintenance Does My Garage Door Need?

Regular annual tune-ups are recommended for overhead garage doors in Leawood, KS. Annual tune-ups begin with an inspection of the entire system along with a test to ensure that it is working properly. Minor adjustments and lubrication may be needed to keep the system running optimally with no squeaks or noises. The door’s safety mechanism must be tested to make certain that it stops if anything is in the way. This is essential to the safety of your family. If any parts are in need of repair they can be replaced at this time. Regular maintenance will increase the life of the door. At Bousman Door, we utilize a 10-point annual maintenance service checklist.

What is A Garage Door Overhaul?

A garage door overhaul completely renews your garage door by replacing some of the most crucial components. Sometimes overhead garage doors in Leawood, KS, need more work than simple maintenance. The torsion springs should be replaced about every ten years. Old cables are replaced with new galvanized steel safety cables. Replacing the rollers makes the door glide more smoothly and reduces stress on the opener. The weather stripping may need to be replaced which will keep excess cold and wind out of the garage. Everything in the system will be lubricated and tested.

Will My Overhead Door Need to Be Replaced?

Sometimes the garage door itself may have to be repaired or replaced. If you have damage to one or more panels due to weather, accidents, or simple wear and tear the damaged panel may need to be replaced. In some cases, the entire door is ready for replacement. In some instances, you may want to choose a different style of overhead garage doors for your Leawood, KS home. There are many options to pick from and you can upgrade your door and improve the appearance of your home with a new garage door. We offer a large selection of doors from the best manufacturers and will help you find the door that fits your needs and your budget.

overhead garage doors Leawood KS
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