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Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Choosing the best exterior sliding barn door hardware can be confusing. In fact, some education is needed if this is your first time. At Specialty Doors and Hardware, our exterior sliding barn door hardware ​comes in varied styles, functions, and finishes. Whether you've purchased your barn door from a different retailer or you've chosen to buy from us, we have hardware that fits your new barn door. Below are tips to help you choose the best exterior sliding barn door hardware.  

Consider the hardware operation and look 

You need barn door hardware that is easy to operate and can match your home's décor. The hardware needs to complement the architecture of your door; it should make your door look better. At Specialty Doors and Hardware, our barn door tracks, barn door handles, and barn door pulls come in different colors and finishes that complement other design elements in your home. Our hardware options allow your barn door's smooth operation, and you won't have to worry about your door sticking or failing.

Consider the quality

You should not compromise quality when selecting exterior sliding barn door hardware. If you go for cheap hardware, you end up paying more on replacement and repair in the future. High-quality sliding barn door hardware will ensure you have fewer maintenance and repair costs. Besides, you're assured of durability once you install the hardware; thus, you can focus on making improvements on other parts of your home.

Choose a low-maintenance finish

Maintenance requirements should be a priority in exterior sliding barn door hardware. Long-term exposure to weather and regular use could weaken your hardware. At Specialty Doors and Hardware, our sliding door hardware kit can stand the test of time, through the freezing winters to the extreme heat of the summer and every season in between. Our exterior sliding barn door hardware comes with a special coating that makes them immune to corrosion. 

Focus on security

The primary function of a sliding barn door is to guide your home from intruders. Our hardware locking system dramatically increases your home security. Our sliding barn door has a unique lock mechanism that pulls the door panel tightly into the jamb. An exterior lock is available with all of our doors to provide another level of security. 

Match your hardware

Try to match the appearance of the existing hardware pieces in your barn door. Mismatching hardware finishes decreases visual harmony. At Specialty Doors and Hardware, we offer a wide range of sliding barn door hardware finishes. We have different finishes, including white, stone, chrome, brass, nickel, and bronze.

Need Help Getting Sliding Barn Door Hardware? Contact Specialty Doors And Hardware

For further assistance in choosing the most appropriate sliding barn door hardware for your home, please feel free to call 1-866-815-8151 now. We have varieties of tracks, handles, and pulls, whether you are looking for a traditional appearance or a more modern design. Get in touch with us to discover our products and services. 


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