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Best Paint For Bathrooms

Best Paint For Bathrooms

Create the bathroom of your dreams with new paint. You can give your home an updated and improved look when you choose the best paint for bathrooms. This is one room of the home where you definitely don’t want to scrimp. Instead, you need to choose high quality primer and paint that will ensure the surface looks and functions well both now and in the future. Since the bathroom is one of the most humid rooms of the home you need to pick paint that is best suited for use in humid conditions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Colors

Bathrooms are generally places where you want to convey a tranquil and serene atmosphere. You want to create a place that offers an oasis of luxury and comfort. Light colors are usually ideal for bathrooms. However, when choosing the colors for powder rooms or guest bathrooms, you may be able to choose colors that are a little bolder.

Consider the colors of the rooms that are near the bathroom when choosing the best paint for bathrooms. When you pick colors, consider the flow of the rooms and make sure that the colors are complimentary. If the bathroom is adjacent to a bedroom or is part of a master suite you should be cognizant of the colors of the bedroom to ensure they blend nicely.

If you prefer a fresh and clean look to the room, think about white as the best paint for bathrooms. There are many shades and variations of white so you don’t need to stick to a stark color. Instead, choose a soft white that will give the room a more opulent feel.

If you prefer, consider other neutral colors for the bathroom. For instance, taupe, tan, beige and other similar colors can also be neutral. Remember that a color can look different once it is painted on a large surface. This is especially true in bathrooms that may have various types of lighting that make colors look askew.

To solve that problem, paint a small section of wall with the color of your choice before you paint the entire room. This will save you time and expense should you decide that you don’t like the color as it appears in the room.

Best Paint for Bathrooms

The best paint for bathrooms should be water resistant. This type of paint protects the walls from damage due to excess water. It is essential to properly prime the walls in the bathroom before applying paint. This will make the paint look its best.

Apply two coats of paint that will provide a good barrier and protect the walls. Paint alone cannot keep your bathroom clean and dry. You need to install a fan that reduces moisture that accumulates when someone uses hot water. If you notice that the walls are damp after taking a shower you need to take further steps to eliminate humidity in the room. You can choose from our wide variety of high quality paints and locate a dealer near you.  

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Best Paint For Bathrooms
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